Roland GR55 modelling -Deep Filth

With my Les Paul currently offsite, I decided to give the Tanglewood Tomkat an outing. It’s fitted with the Roland GK pickup so had a much overdue play with the GR55. The models are incredible. I modelled a Les Paul, Big Muff, Blues Driver amp, Marshall 8×12, SM57 combination in drop C (the tuning is done on the unit so the guitar still tuned to standard). Sounded filthy and heavy in itself, especially double tracked but overdubbed with a complementary riff in standard tuning with a standard Marshall model gave it a real fullness. Quality-wise, it’s up there with the analogue rig. Less versatile in some ways but way more in other ways.

I have used this as a basis for my first proper solo recording. It’s just a sketch for now but the idea has legs.

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